Design And Build Service

Kensington specialise in the design and building of quality homes, luxury houses and all forms of property construction in Thailand. If you would like any advice, or assistance in building your house, or would like to see one of our exclusive projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can provide the full design and build service, where we assist through the architectural stages, using one of our experienced architects and then construct the property. This has the benefit of us being involved during the design stage and offering all our experience of construction during the design process. This can save you money and make for a better home.

Alternatively, we can build your property from professional architects drawings provided by your own architect. The choices are yours to make.

As a house builder in Thailand, Kensington is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. We at Kensington really care about the workmanship that goes into our various developments. This applies to every worker, be it in our workforce, or any of the sub-contractors we chose to use. Each house we design is carefully planned to provide low maintenance and to make living as comfortable as possible. We are approachable at any time to discuss any queries or suggestions that you might have.

You can contact one of our design and build team here.

Architects Drawings and Architectural Service in Thailand

Kensington can provide a full architectural service with qualified architects. Designs vary according to our customers requirements and all styles can be discussed including; Tropical, Lanna, Modern Thai, Contemporary, Modern, Minimalist, Balinese, Mediterranean, Beach, Colonial, Luxury, Ranch, Traditional, Country, European, Duplex and Western.

Our English speaking Thai architects provide a professional architectural service throughout Thailand. We have helped many people design their homes. It a comprehensive service and at the end you will have all that you need to apply for permissions to build and then build your home. This includes finished paper copies of full architect’s drawings with master plans, floor plans, elevations, perspectives, electrical, sanitary/plumbing, structural, engineering and mechanical. All details required within a professional set of architects drawings. As per Thailand’s regulations, they will be signed by both licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer.

At the end of the project and once all payments are settled, our architect will also provide an AutoCAD file if you require. You will receive all you need from the architect to then apply for permissions to build and to build the property.

Kensington’s design policy is to do all we can to help insulate the building, utilizing all the very latest materials. In hot climates such as Thailand it is very important to insulate against the heat. This not only makes living a lot more comfortable, but also saves in electrical costs for air conditioning.

We can also offer design advice, so as to maximize the natural environment and position the home in the most advantageous place. If a home is correctly situated, according to the natural elements such as direction of the sun, rain and wind, we can take advantage of this, for your benefit. This is to maximize shade, light and ventilation, to keep certain rooms and areas cool, when they will be used most.

We are also available to discuss kitchen/bathroom design as well as pool design.

Correct lighting is important and we can work with you to create a variety of internal and external lighting features.

Many customers now like to look at smart home systems and security systems. We can also help with this and have an expert with many years of experience.

The design of the garden can be arranged using a professional landscape gardener. Water features such as ponds, lakes, waterfalls and water curtains can all be discussed. Thailand has a wonderful climate and we can work closely with you to provide an exotic treat full of tropical trees, plants and flowers. We try our best to take full advantage of the climate and to make full use of the external living area, which can have wooden decking, terraces, patio areas and built in barbecue units.

We are extremely happy to work with you, to reach the desired result and fulfill all your requirements. We will provide as much advice as you wish for, or as little as you want us to. Our aim is to satisfy your wishes. Contact us now for help.

Building and Construction Service in Thailand

Kensington provides you with a construction and building service in Thailand. We build houses, luxury homes, bungalows, retirement villas, low rise condominiums and factories. We help you every step of the way through the building process and offer our 15 years of experience to benefit you.

Once you have the final set of professional architects drawings, you must then apply for application for permission to build at the local government office. Once you have permission to build, then our building team can start to assist you with the construction. Kensington has many years experience building houses in Thailand. We have built small houses and we have built large luxury homes.

The first step is for us to complete a cost to build. This takes 2-4 weeks in accordance with the size of your construction project. Once the construction cost is done, if you wish to go ahead, we can sign our construction contracts, you pay the deposit payment and we start building your house. Payments for the construction are in stages and according to our schedule of works. We provide a standard, comprehensive construction contract for us both to sign.

A standard size home in Thailand, might take 8-12 months to build. If your house is a larger and more luxurious property, then it may take 12-18 months. It all depends on the architectural drawings, its size and the complexity. We can discuss the time scales once we have surveyed all the architectural drawings. If you would like to start building or want a construction quotation to build your house, please do not hesitate to contact us now.