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The official and correct ‘receiver’ of the e-mail agrees and must accept full responsibility for (1) checking carefully all the contents of the e-mail from ‘sender’, and (2) checking carefully all attachments attached to the e-mail, checking  carefully any/all drawings (architectural, construction ,engineering etc) and any sent documents  the receiver is asked to look at, and/or check and/or confirm; so to avoid any mistake, corrections, additional costs or problems occurring at a later date. It is the ‘receivers’ full responsibility to do this and they must accept full responsibility for this. The Thai architect will be available for the chosen construction contractor or builder to contact him/her via telephone or e-mail and is happy to explain or discuss any aspect of the drawings, so the contractor can ask questions and confirm aspects of the drawings. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the chosen construction contractor and/or builder to have their engineers and professional experienced employees, to check carefully all architects, engineers, mechanical, electrical, plumbing/sanitary, structural, air conditioning and all construction drawings provided; and to check all measurements, construction techniques and engineers calculations,  before construction starts; and ask the correct questions to the architect and/or engineer  before starting the construction, to make sure all aspects of the drawings can be constructed and and implemented without issue or problem; This professional check by the construction contractor and/or builder, is to avoid any extra costs, issues or problems once construction starts.  As with all construction and architectural drawings (and all technical drawings supplied which include architectural, engineering, structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and all supplied drawings, specifications and details), the architect and the company who supplies these drawings, strongly advises the chosen construction contractor to do shop drawings at every stage of the construction process and to check carefully all the construction drawings, to make sure they conform to their construction methods and can be built and implemented, as the drawings stipulate and are provided. The architect and/or the company and house builder in Thailand,  who supply the drawings waiver any legal responsibility, or liability, if there are any inaccuracies or errors, in the drawings, as the construction contractor and/or builder, must have their professional persons check all drawings before starting construction works and must report to the architect any errors, concerns, issues or ambiguities.  Thank you for your understanding.