Here are some testimonials from our customers and from some industry people. We hope you enjoy reading them. If you would like us to help you build your home in Thailand, please contact our building team here.

Peter & Olivia Heinze – Construction of Their House
“The journey of designing and building a new dream house has been an exhilarating and ultimately rewarding process, with the support of the Kensington building team.

After a difficult start with another contractor and the basic structure completed, we asked Kensington to take over the whole construction project, from our initial home builder. Knowing that this is not always an easy task, Kensington worked with us through the details of the architectural design, and quickly won our trust and confidence. The end result is wonderful.

Kensington showed patience with us, as we did not have all the specs and drawings worked out in detail. Being on site every week we also changed plans on the go to make it exactly how we envisioned it. Kensington has been very helpful in providing ideas, and design suggestions based on their experience on previous projects. All together, it is a combination of their skills, quality of work, attitude and customer service, that we can recommend their building services.”

Belinda Ali Khan – Design/Build of The Villa Water Orchid
“Kensington are brilliant. They were so kind and helpful throughout the construction. I was looking for a house builder in Thailand, on my relocation from Dubai to Thailand. My plans were to build a small but exclusive boutique resort, catering for upscale clients and friends. A friend recommended Kensington as a builder to speak to. It was certainly a lucky break, as I was soon to find out how professional and helpful they were. They are proficient, honest and full of imaginative ideas. They have assisted with everything, provided a quality service and done exactly what they said they would do. I would definitely recommend them. They are very nice people and take very good care of their customers. I was in fact in Dubai when most of the construction was done, but they kept me regularly informed with digital images and updates. It was wonderful. I wish more people were so easy to do business with. Added to that I now have a resort that cost less than what it’s worth. So yes, I am very happy. ”

Dieter and Walburga Altpass – Custom House Design/Build
“As experienced architects from Germany we have designed and built many homes ourselves. Kensington have done an excellent job both on architectural design and construction. It was very productive to use an architect who works for them and in addition have Kensington’s head of construction work closely with the architect at all times. It saves money, time and reduces problems. The Kensington team have put a huge amount of effort into our home and done everything possible to help us. Of course we were worried about not being in Thailand while the home was designed and built. We could not be there to oversee it. This is where Kensington Company and their team, were really were fantastic.

All we had to do was come twice a year to have a look. They did all the rest and took great care of the project with the same care as if it was their own home. It was wonderful to have a house designed and built without having to be there. We communicated by e-mail and phone. We have only good words to speak of this company. Kensington have done a perfect job. We are very satisfied with our house, the way they performed and most importantly the decency with which they dealt with us at all times. They show constant commitment, and expertise. We will be very happy to give them the best recommendations to anyone wishing to design/build a home in Thailand. We would like to thank them for all their kind help.”

James Vanstone – Vanstone’s Real Estate of London
” Kensington Company Limited has continually displayed all the hallmarks of a professional and highly respected construction company in Thailand. We have recommended clients who want to build a house in Thailand and will continue to do so, due to the high levels of quality, customer service and integrity with which they conduct business. Vanstone’s is a real estate agency based in London and on an International level; we will only recommend those companies of the highest calibre. Recommendations are gained by a constant high standard of service that we believe to be unmatched in the particular industry. Kensington over the years have achieved this reputation, through their constant application of the caring personal service, sincerity to help and respect to each and every customer. ”

Looking for a good house builder and construction contractor is hard. So to find one that is on your side and can help you, is a major plus. A company that genuinely cares today is a rare commodity and one to be cherished. We certainly recommend them to anyone wishing to build a property in Thailand, particularly if they are looking for genuine trust, care and a quality of workmanship at very fair prices.”

Purchaser – House Design/Build at Baan Sawan
“We were very pleased to find that Kensington’s professionals set high standards for integrity and the quality of their workmanship and client service. They worked closely and patiently with us each step of the way during construction to meet our design objectives – including shopping with us for tiles, fixtures and appliances – and produced a stylish home with all the modern amenities. They made the experience of building a dream home in a dream location a very enjoyable one and the finished product speaks for itself.”

Kingsley & Katai Pathmanathan – Custom House Design/Build
“As an expatriate married to a Thai lady and hoping to spend my retirement in Chiang Mai, for me and many others like me, our first priority was to have a comfortable home built to European and international standards; standards we have been accustomed to during our working life and now seek to continue in our retirement. Until I found Kensington my worries/concerns were to be sure my house would be properly and reliably constructed, with proper plumbing, electrics, quality finish with proper control, supervision and to a good quality.”

“Having heard of the horror stories of some others who entrusted their house construction to incompetent contractors and having overflowing toilets, flooding drains, house fires with improper wiring etc, I was most relieved from my first meeting with Graeme James, that I was able to notice at once that I was dealing with a professional outfit. I had no hesitation in entrusting my life savings in a luxurious villa in the hands of Kensington. Now over a year on my house is completed to standards better than my expectations. They conducted business with a caring personal touch whilst I was thousands of miles away in Oman. They carried out everything as if I was present each day at the construction site. I can from my personal experience recommend Kensington as an honest, reliable and highly competent, construction contractor; with a professional management team which will cater for your every preference in constructing your house at very competitive market rates. Thanking you.”

Mr. Alan Brown BSc, CEng, MIMechE, MCIBSE. and Mrs Kanyah Brown
“I have been in the construction industry in Europe and Asia as a practicing professional engineer for more than 20 years; during which time I have worked with a wide range of architects; as well civil, structural, mechanical, electrical engineers, and some of the largest construction companies in those Asia. When my Thai wife, Kanyah and I wanted our retirement house designed, I used the Kensington architects and it has proved to be a very good decision. Their professionalism, level of design service, eagerness, willingness to bend over backwards to give the client what he wants, quality of work and value for money are unsurpassed in my experience. I was most impressed at all times by the high level or architectural creativity and service Kensington offered. Furthermore, if you are able to deal directly with Chris, the MD, then you will be assured of a most courteous, honest and friendly relationship. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Kensington’s architects to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to avail themselves of their services.”

Edward and Niramon Musschenga – Custom House Design/Build
My Thai wife and I started doing business with Kensington around May 2006 after we bought 2 Rai of land just south of Chiang Mai. From the initial day one, until the completion of all the works, my experience with their building team has been very good.

The build quality is very good and everything looks great. We have not had any problems so far. And, since I have been dealing with Kensington for more than 4 years, I can really testify what they have built will be durable! Another thing that we really liked is Kensington’s flexibility with regard to changes. A few times my wife and I changed our minds on certain aspects, and it was never a problem for them to incorporate this. Furthermore, they are absolutely trustworthy. They have always done what they said they would do. We would be very happy to give Kensington the best recommendations to anyone wishing to design/build a home in Thailand. We would also like to thank them for all their kind help!